How celebrity cure his acne?

Many celebrity suffer of the acne, and they are a lot of roads to get rid of it : First attack treatment

celebrity and the acne war !

zero defects ? That's what the celebrity would have us believe ... But in fact , on the red carpet , it's the War of the Buttons !

Celebrity Acne Problems - How Do They Have Such Beautiful Skin?

When people think of celebrities they think of glamour, money, and great looking skin

10 of the celebrities with acne

Most of us have acne troubles at some point of time in life or the other. That is the fact that we just don’t want to admit.Have you ever asked yourself...

What is Ane?

What is Acne?

What is Ane?

Acne is a chronic disease of the skin's oil glands. its course and severity is influenced by genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors. there is evidence that your immune system also plays a role.
How is acne treated successful treatment will require time and effort as well as adherence to an organized and supervised treatment plan. The treatment plan is based on current medical literature and scientific study. there is no QUICK FIX

celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!

celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!
celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!
Pimples, spots , pustules ... the stars are not immune to these small imperfections even if they are experts to camouflage under the make- up!
Bombs apparently celebs use and abuse of make- up to be the most beautiful on the red carpet. Doe eyes , crimson lips and complexion zero defects ... Many of them can thank their makeup and especially their best friend named " Makeup !" And yes, for many of these starlets, this peach is an illusion and under the flashes of their small projectors (or big !) Imperfections stand the sight of all! What makes damn fun and is very reassuring, is not it ? For your enjoyment ( and ours) , Public released an array of these beautiful not really natural .
celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!
celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!

Button teenager :
We've all gone through more concentrated on the face and other calculator stage, other ... ( mother nature is not kind to everyone !) . Problem of hormones that stimulate sebum glands activate and give this wonderful aspect of " olive oil " on the face, yum! In this case , we put Miley Cyrus , Anne Hathaway in its infancy and Naya Rivera (Santana on Glee ) .

The black dot :
In the same line as the button acne , sebum is the cause of this small imperfection. Made near the hair root , it 's hard to pass : it dries and forms these adorable little points for most of the time are housed on the nose ... Located in the middle of the face, hide proves worth lost. In this regard Lea Michele knows a lot !

Pustule alarm bells
Is that we have to all ages, from time to time ! Kind of alarm bell of a casual healthy life, it is the toughest . Cigarette smoke, alcohol by weight, sleep dropper and cleansing absent form the red or greenish spots ... Clogged pores will give heart to joy ! After such an evening , when you look at his reflection that is two finger break the mirror and say " no it is not you the best " as there remains a centimeter smooth skin, it is fair to apologetic to our beautiful face : "Sorry for Party Rocking " ! Is not Rihanna ?
With all the money that stars spend excessively , they would do well to pay a good dermatologist rather than cover of " snake oil " that makes matters worse !
celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!
celebrity acne : hound imperfection in the foundation!

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3 differents types of acne

3 different types of acne 
Acne is a typical dermatosis of puberty. If it touches 90% of teenagers, its manifestations differ considerably from one person to another. Here is a presentation of the differents types of acne, treatment available, and actions to promote good healing. 
3 different types of acne

Acne and puberty: 
Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that is manifested by the appearance of comedones (papules or micro-cysts and blackheads) and / or inflammatory buttons (pustules), generally between 13 and 17 years for boys and 13 and 15 for girls. men are more frequently affected than women, and the area of ​​the body most affected is the face. 

Causes of acne: 
Acne is directly related to increased androgen levels in both sexes at puberty. The production of this male hormone stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands on the skin. These secrete sebum (lipid layer which protects the skin) in excess clogging the pores of the skin. Hence the formation of comedones (accumulation of sebum). 

Different types of acne and treatments: 
Depending on the type of acne (known retentional or inflammatory), skin lesions differ appearance and severity. The proposed treatments are also suitable for each type, and are on prescription by your dermatologist or doctor for a period of Minimum 3 months. 

Acne called retentional: 
The classic manifestations of acne called retentive, are the presence of points black and microcysts (white or "wheals" buttons). 
Possible treatments administered topically, are: 
Benzoyl peroxide to prevent their occurrence. 
Topical retinoids (derivatives of vitamin A), which help eliminate blackheads and have anti-inflammatory action.

inflammatory acne: 
It is distinguished by the presence of red pimples and inflammation, mainly on the face. 
Depending on the severity of this type of acne, several types of combinations of treatments (oral and local) are considered. Including: 
-Benzol peroxide and retinoids. 
-Local antibiotics and retinoids. 
-Benzol peroxide and antibiotics. 
-Zinc (which reduces sebum secretion) and benzol peroxide. 

Retentional acne and inflammatory: 
This type of acne resistant (no improvement beyond three months of treatment) associates red pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. In this case, isotretinoin, another derivative of Vitamin A (retinoids family) is displayed. This drug is also prescribed in cases of severe acne or "nodular" buttons marked by very inflammatory containing pus, and cysts (face and other body parts).

Tips to reduce acne: 
-Wash his face daily with a mild soap and warm water. 
Focus on non-greasy cosmetics. 
-Avoid scratching or piercing buttons, which can keep the inflammation and delay healing. 
-Sun protection: certain medications make the skin more sensitive to radiation UVA / UVB. On the otherhand, if they dry out the skin in a first time, they promote back acne in the medium term.

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How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

How to fight acne: 8 natural acne treatment

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers, but it can persist into adulthood, also stressed by situations of anxiety or stress. It is not always necessary to resort to harsh creams and products with a high environmental impact.
In particular, for pimples isolated, linked to a moment of concern, or only to some excess in the kitchen, there are many natural remedies that can be put into practice without contraindications and prepared in a simple way even at home.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

1) Baking soda : This product is always present in your home can make a perfect exfoliant, removing dead skin before it can clog the pores of the skin, and at the same time lowering the acidity levels of the epidermis.
 The baking soda should be mixed with a little water or mild soap to form a paste to be applied on the skin with a gentle massage, avoiding the eyes. You can also take advantage of as a mask, leaving it for about 10 minutes, but be warned that this process can irritate sensitive skin.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

2) Milk of Magnesium. Apply a laxative on the face may seem strange, but this remedy is very effective. Being highly alkaline, magnesium lowers the level of acidity of the skin, limiting the production of sebum. Excessive use can dry out your skin better to just dab your face with a cotton ball no more than once a day.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

3) Aloe vera. Increasingly exploited for its therapeutic properties against the epidermis, the aloe is not useful as a preventive method, but it is effective to reduce inflammation and redness, promoting rapid healing of the skin. Will be sufficient to gently rub the gel on the skin affected by acne.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

4) Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is the best product for the treatment of mixed skins: eliminates excess sebum without causing excessive dryness, which in turn favors the appearance of acne. The product can also be used as a makeup remover to clean the pores of the skin.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

5) Apple Cider Vinegar and aspirin. This remedy can be used, with noticeable results, both for internal and external use. With 85 cl mineral water to dilute 1.5 cl of apple cider vinegar and add 5 tablets of aspirin. The tonic from it can be applied to the skin 2 times a day with a cotton ball.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

6) Zinc supplements. Zinc is a valuable resource for the reduction of inflammation and wound care acne, but also for the reduction of the effects, once appeared. The intake of zinc supplements will be more effective if accompanied by a meal rich in fiber, which promote their absorption by the body.

How to fight acne: 7 natural acne treatment

7) activated carbon. This product is usually used to remove impurities. Taken internally, it can be helpful for elimination of toxins and impurities, preventing the formation of acne. Activated carbon can also be applied to the skin, mixed with water or mild soap.
However, each skin has unique characteristics and not all remedies may be indicated for each specific case: you just have to experiment to find which one best suits your needs.

Here's over to the article now your turn Do you know other natural treatments for acne? In the comments box below !

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>> acne, how the celebrities adjust the problem ?

celebrity with acne : Even the famous get acne

You’ve seen it before, and it was probably on a 90s sitcom: the dreaded zit on picture day! Nooooo! What to do? Guys, this picture is going to be in the yearbook forever – how will the captain of the footy team notice me now!

Take heart, young lusters and fantasizers: it’s going to happen, and it happens to everyone. With acne, you can only hope to contain it as against stopping it entirely. I wish all of us had access to a magic acne clearing tool that got rid of our zit in a second, but skin takes a small time to clear up. So perhaps it will help in the event you heard that there's plenty of celebrities who had skin issues as well:

- Katy Perry. In addition to a quantity of her favourite pastimes of kissing girls and liking it and living in teenage dreams, the former Mrs. Brand shills skincare products on infomercials now because they used to have a massive issue with acne. Of work they could hide under plenty of stage makeup, but still: when you have bad skin, you’ll lack confidence in even the most mundane of situations. Katy Perry is hot, gifted and famous – but they still hates going to picture shoots with bad skin.

- Ronald Reagan. Yes, the Gipper himself had a classic case of the pizza face when they was growing up and trying to break in to acting. Regrettably, they could only break out before auditions, nervous, young and stressing out. Fortunately for him, films were in black-and-white back then, so perhaps on camera they could pass them off as freckles. Somewhere along the line Reagan got his confidence and kept his New york icy with him all the way to the White House.

- Tom Brady. Speaking of New york icy, this bay-area native and penultimate Captain of the footy team is married to a model – now. Way back when, they was another quarterback struggling for playing time on a gifted college footy team. They walked not as tall back then, with smaller arms and pimples on his face. Being crammed in to a hot helmet every day didn’t help either. Now look at him: a 3-time Tremendous Bowl Champion and 2-time MVP with a stunning model for a spouse and talent that won’t cease.

John Wilkes Booth. This struggling actor struggled with plenty of issues in his life, including acne. Most known for taking a dreadful play and making it even worse, John Wilkes Booth stands as of the most infamous men in the history of the world and yet was of its most insecure. Booth’s skin issues kept him from having the confidence they needed to break in to Shakespearian greatness – or even the lead in local community theater. They let his acne get him down, and brought everyone else down with him.

- The Pope. Sometime after his Hitler Youth days, Pontiff Benedict XVI became a priest – who was no nice at giving sermons. Sure, they shined in the confessional booths, only because people couldn’t see him. They dispensed wise advice and lived the Catholic message, but had to overcome his fear of his bad skin to succeed and finally accede to the top of the Catholic Church.

No matter what walk of life you select or who you are, you can have skin issues. The best way to cease those issues is to stay confident, stay sane (I’m taking a look at you, J.W. Booth), and don’t stress out a lot. Your skin will get better, and even if it doesn’t, know that pop stars are feeling the same thing as you.

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acne, how the celebrities adjust the problem ?

acne, how the celebrities adjust the problem ?

Bad memories of our adolescence , acne is rife in adulthood . An update on these buttons.

Acne , what is it?

Acne can take many forms : red pimples , blackheads , whiteheads and even pus-filled cysts. The skin is often greasy and oily appearance. We sometimes notice scars antique buttons that give a lumpy effect to the skin.
Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Sebum is usually used to protect the skin against dryness. But when there is an overproduction , the sebum collects in and clog the pores . So the skin becomes oily and bacteria can proliferate , two factors causing acne.

acne, how the celebrities adjust the problem ?
acne, how the celebrities adjust the problem ?

Who are most affected by acne ?

Teens are most affected by acne. Approximately 85 % of young people have one or acne during their teenage outbreaks . In fact , too much sebum production is often caused by hormonal fluctuations. And during adolescence, imbalances are common ! In adulthood , acne is usually blurred. But for about 10 % of the population , acne will present . Also, you can see acne during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy relapses.

Aggravating acne

- Improper cleaning of the skin. Careful and daily hygiene is necessary.
- Excessive use of cosmetic products . Too much makeup or wrong choice of products may burden the skin and increase acne.
- The hair near the skin. If you have oily hair, it is also a sign of overactive sebaceous glands. Also if the hair is constantly touching the face and acne areas, they may become the means of transport of bacteria and infections.
- The groping buttons. It then extends infection and loses control over the spread of acne . Better not touch them.
- Taking certain medications, especially those that can create hormonal imbalances .
- The sun . One might think that the sun helps acne skin temporarily draining the skin and sebaceous glands, but acne still comes back . We must also continue to adequately protect our skin with sunscreen , acne or not.

Right moves to counter acne

Products for you . No special products , ones that your friend uses or those who feel good! No, suitable products for our skin type. We carefully cleanses every day. Also chooses products designed for acne-prone skin that does not clog pores.
Wash, but not too much. A morning and evening routine is performed, but it is wrong to believe that multiple washings will succeed in making the skin less oily . If too stimulates the sebaceous glands , eg by washing , they will produce more sebum ... !
Avoid touching contaminated areas too . Whether with hair, wearing a hat, headband , goggles, etc . , Be careful . But the most important is to avoid touching our faces with our hands too often . Above all, never try to pop pimples ; we could create new irritations. More on our key buttons, more germs have the chance to infect a healthy zone.

Drink plenty of water . Thus, it ensures proper hydration our skin .

Good products against acne

If you're looking for the best product to eliminate acne, with this article No more acne.

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